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Folding boxes 20 Item

Folding boxes: That's what makes them stand out!

You don't want to wait too long when you pack something? Then folding boxes are just the thing for you! It could hardly be faster, easier and more convenient. The boxes are cardboard and lid in one, they can be unfolded very easily, packed quickly and closed again directly. The whole process takes only seconds for skilled people, perfect for companies that have a lot to ship. But even those who send comparatively few goods on their way, but do so regularly, benefit from BOXXCO's immensely practical folding boxes. Let's take a look at what makes these cardboard boxes special and what they are good for.

These are the advantages of folding boxes

Folding boxes are available in several variations and numerous sizes. Everyone will find the right folding box for his purposes in the BOXXCO assortment. For this you do not even have to search around for a long time, the online store is neatly structured and therefore very clear. We deliver our boxes flat so that they take up as little space as possible. You can easily store the cardboard boxes on the shelf or in the closet, a small place is sure to be found. This keeps storage costs within narrow limits.

If you have one of our folding boxes in your hand, you don't have to look for the matching lid first, because it's already attached. Practical tuck-in tabs ensure that the lid closes without the need for extra material. We recommend securing the box with a strip or two of tape for when you're on the road, in case transportation gets a little rough.

At BOXXCO, you also benefit from customer-friendly tiered pricing that makes your folding boxes especially affordable. The minimum quantity helps us to keep our low prices permanently. Above this lower limit, you pay less and less per box the more you order. There are no shipping costs within Germany anyway, which is what our customers value.

The most important advantages of folding boxes at a glance

  • cardboard and lid in one
  • space-saving folding
  • low storage Costs
  • easy to unfold
  • with practical tuck-in flaps
  • adhesive tape can be used additionally
  • particularly favorable due to graduated Prices
  • free shipping
  • several models in different sizes

This shows: BOXXCO folding boxes contribute to the simplification of internal company processes - and that at a low financial price. If you still have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you.

What can I send with folding boxes?

You can ship a wide variety of things in folding boxes; the cardboard boxes are extremely flexible. The items just need to fit inside and must not be too heavy or dangerous for the mail. Put merchandise and product samples inside, media, gifts and/or miscellaneous papers. You can also use the boxes to store small items without sending them on trips.

Alternatively, use folding boxes for storage.

With the lid closed, your belongings will lie protected and dust-free for weeks, months and even years. Of course, you can also stack the folding boxes, usually in contrast to the contents. This results in a clear order system, preferably with appropriate labeling, so that you can find everything again without a long search. If you print your tapes, this will additionally support your structure.

Folding boxes for all purposes - a look at the assortment

At BOXXCO, you don't just get one type of folding boxes, but several versions.

  1. natural, flat boxes: First of all, we would like to mention our relatively simple folding boxes brown with hinged lid. They have tuck-in flaps and the natural brown color included in the name. They are excellent for filling with rather small, flat products and are delivered lying flat. Tapes are only needed for additional security and labeling. These boxes are made of a high quality recycled paper and are recyclable themselves. This creates a permanent recyclable material loop, for increased sustainability. Three sizes are available.
  2. white, taller boxes: Some customers and clients think our white folding boxes look fancier; they are definitely taller. The cardboard boxes are often used as gift packaging because, with appealing filler material, they offer a tingling unpacking experience. However, many companies also use them normally as shipping boxes or to store items. Again, we find the tuck-in flaps on the flap lid - and of course, we use recycled papers for manufacturing. Resy licensing states that these cardboard boxes become new products after their service ends. Choose between
  3. elegant fashion boxes: white from outside, brown from inside - our fashion boxes are calibrated to support the high quality content visually. We have designed them specifically for shipping fashion, and the height is variable accordingly. Our customers like to combine these folding boxes with decorative filling material, and there is also the option of high-quality printing on the cardboard. The visible edges are glued around and extra-strong, the lid closes completely. The flat bottom makes this carton suitable for roller conveyors. The FSC certificate guarantees climate-friendly production, high-quality recycled papers serve as base material. You can find four sizes in our store.


    cartons with logo print: a special offer are our cartons with logo print, they have the format of a maxi letter and are of very stable quality. Each package comes with a label with your desired motif, so you can personalize your cardboard boxes. This folding box is sent either as a large letter, if it does not exceed the weight of 500 g, or as a maxi letter between 500 and 1000 g. The postal security seal provides increased protection for on the go. Depending on the intended use, these folding boxes can carry up to 2000 g


Why should I buy folding boxes online?


Buying folding boxes online saves time, money and long trips. Just have a look at your display at BOXXCO, click briefly through the assortment and you can order the right packaging material. Delivered free of shipping costs to the door of your house or company, and within a few days. You receive your boxes folded flat and can pack them directly into the warehouse.

This is much less hassle than going to the store, browsing the shelves, loading and transporting your purchase to the company. You can focus on your core business while BOXXCO steps into the breach for you. Of course we are ready to answer your questions at any time, just like your local dealer. This can be done by e-mail or by telephone, from your office, where you can then go straight back to your day-to-day business. It couldn't be simpler and time-saving. Get in touch with us!