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Folder/book shipping 77 Item

Book shipping - packaging, conditions and Costs

Despite the digital revolution, numerous books and folders still travel throughout Germany. This is preferably done in professional packaging that adequately protects the contents and at the same time ensures low shipping costs. Ordinary cardboard boxes do not do the job; other formats are needed that offer the goods to be shipped a secure hold and comply with the regulations for book shipping. In addition, users want easy handling: open the box, insert the book, close it and off you go!

BOXXCO offers a wide range of packaging for the shipping of folders and books. Here you will find many different products to accompany your documents and books safely from A to B.

How should cardboard boxes for book shipping be made?

Cardboard boxes for book shipping are delivered flat, they can be stored in a space-saving manner and are easy to unfold. The packaging has pre-cut fold lines and variable lid flaps. This makes them adaptable to the standard sizes of file folders and books. This perfect fit means that the contents are packed so tightly in the box that they can no longer slide back and forth. This is known as wraparound packaging.

Single-ply corrugated cardboard offers sufficient protection to prevent books and folders from being damaged in transit. You don't need extra adhesive tape to seal our BOXXCO cardboard boxes for sending books: simply use the integrated self-adhesive strip. The recipient tears open the package along the perforation and holds the documents or books in his hand. Just the thing for those in a hurry and those who are impatient.

Rules for sending goods and books: What is allowed?

Book and goods shipments are possible at a lower rate, but only under fixed conditions. First of all, the sender must mark the packaging clearly visible with the abbreviation "BÜWA". In the past, books could only be shipped open, but this rule no longer exists. Mailers can now seal the cardboard box without possibly having to pay additional postage. However, postal employees are allowed to open the packaging to check the contents, because: The book and merchandise shipment may only contain samples, specimens, small goods and books, without any letter notification. Only the invoice and delivery note are allowed. Otherwise, according to the tariff, it is not a book shipment. This is exactly what the post office must be allowed to check, but by far not all items are opened. Random checks are enough.

If you prefer to pay a little more postage for sending books in order to be able to include a letter or other personal enclosure, leave out the BÜWA inscription. Then you can also exceed the specified maximum formats for sending books, for example to put several books in the box.

BÜWA 500 and 1000: What do I have to bear in mind?

There are two categories in Deutsche Post's book shipping service, the BÜWA 500 and the BÜWA 1000. They differ only in one parameter. Here are the respective conditions:
-BÜWA 500: up to 500 g in weight, dimensions 35.3 × 25.0 × 5.0 cm for 1.95 euros
-BÜWA 1000: up to 1000 g in weight, dimensions 35.3 × 25.0 × 5.0 cm for 2.25 euros

(Deadline: 17 June 2022, prices and conditions may change).

One thing stands out: The two categories in book shipping do not differ in dimensions, but only in maximum weight. The consignment must not be more than 5 cm thick, otherwise it will no longer pass as a BÜWA. This means that it is not possible to send folders. Really thick books also do not fall under the books and goods rule.

BOXXCO has the right packaging for such cases. We can accommodate large-format books, catalogues and files, for example in our Premium DIN A4 folder shipping packaging - or in our strong universal packaging. It doesn't always have to be BÜWA, but nothing works without high-quality cardboard packaging.

Book shipping with BOXXCO: Take advantage of the Prices

BOXXCO offers packaging of all kinds especially for companies, of course not only for book shipping. Because our customers generally require larger quantities of our products, we are able to accommodate them in terms of price. There is a minimum order quantity for each shipping package, which is approximately 20 or 50 pieces. This alone brings down the unit price, and then there is our advantageous tiered pricing: the more you order, the greater the saving. Cardboard boxes can be stored for a long time, so it's always worth having a few more up your sleeve.

In addition, BOXXCO delivers free of shipping costs within Germany - and offers an interesting new customer discount. Whether in the short or long term, with our cardboard boxes you ship cheaply and well.

A brief glance at the large product selection in the book mail order Business

Let's take a quick look at the large product selection in book mail order. If you don't want to take advantage of the BÜWA scheme, you can use our POSTBOX Secure Premium System, for example, which is available in 7 different sizes. These cardboard boxes are generously equipped with self-adhesive strips, which hold bomb-proof! Strong corrugated cardboard and a distinctive edge protection ensure that the contents reach their destination safely and in one piece.

We would also like to mention BOXXCO's universal packaging with 2K closures. They are used for gift packaging, printed matter, games, hardware and software. They can also be used to ship books securely; two additional self-adhesive strips on the sides provide increased security.

Our universal shipping box ECO is also popular for good reason. It features a hinge groove that guarantees a stand-up function. This makes it easier to pick up the packaged goods. The edge protection runs all the way around the package, the filling height is variable up to 80 mm. A tear strip ensures safe and quick opening, while the self-adhesive closure saves time and provides perfect protection.

The Premium DIN A4 folder shipping package is standardised for classic DIN A4 ring binders, with spine widths from 35 to 80 mm. The wave cut according to the US-Safety standard prevents cuts, and we have again incorporated a self-adhesive closure and a tear strip. We use high-quality recycled paper as the raw material for production, which is climate-neutral according to the FSC certificate. This means that in addition to sending books, we can also send folders like clockwork.

A real all-rounder is our extra-strong shipping packaging for wrapping. It is of course suitable for sending books, but also for CDs, printed matter, calendars, catalogues, data carriers and much more. The FSC certificate for climate protection is included. We keep the packing height variable, only stopping at 80 mm.

And so it goes on and on with our packaging for book mailings and the like. We guarantee that you will find the right packaging for your needs. Contact us without obligation, we look forward to you and your order!